Is the world of professionals really as fascinating as it appears to be? This really makes me wonder the reality of the professional world because what we see sometimes is not what it is in reality.

The stylish clothes, the rich and classy lifestyle, the latest gadgets, the status, is not only things a professional posses. It’s all about their qualities, their creative ideas, their consistent hard work, their work persona and their passion to do something for the society distinguish them from the others. They are always on the spotlight and being judged on their every step. Because our society never focus on what’s “real” but the visual effects of unsolved mysteries and rumors of tabloid magazines and page 3 news which usually give us fake sense of realism. We are usually bombarded with overnight success stories but that’s not the reality. What we see is only the visual representation and outer personality but we always fail to recognize the hardship a professional go through to reach at the top of the ladder of success. We never focus on understanding the price they pay, the difficulties they go through, the sacrifices they made to be a successful professional as we always avoid to observe the hard work behind the scenes.

It’s like an iceberg where only the fascinating part is visible but the hard work and difficulties which a professional go through to achieve success is always neglected.

We are always told to behave professionally.

Because to get ahead, it’s not the work that really matters but the quality, the way it is done. A professional is someone who exhibits high levels of expertise, persistency, and patience and is effective and efficient in doing the tasks. A professional is not only a credit to himself but the whole organization, doing things in a professional way is vital. But does it happen in a click of fingers. The answer to this question is No, it doesn’t.

The hard work, that sleepless night, that dedication, that passion to do something unique and better than others is something which only a professional person can understand.

Unlike an amateur, a professional don’t stop even when they achieve their goals. At every point of their life, they strive to learn and improve not to win. They know how to face their fear, their weakness and turn it into their strength. For them, failure is an option, a part of their path to growth and success. Unlike others, they don’t settle but they work for it and show progress continuously to achieve more and better. They believe they have the power to create their dream life and they control their destiny not vice versa. They not only focus to win alone but have a mindset to support their team mates and achieve the goals.

Acting like a professional really means doing what it takes to make others think of you as positive, responsible, reliable, competent, work-focused, supporting, hard working, respectful, and a dedicated person.

It is correctly said practice makes a man perfect. The more you put those traits stated above into practice, the better your chances will be to create a positive status for yourself and become a professional. One doesn’t become professional and successful overnight it’s a long process of hard work and practice. It enhances the quality, sharpen those skills and teach how to deal positively and affectively in different situations. Practice can ultimately translate into promotions and will increase your chances to work on more challenging and interesting assignment which will in turn lead to achievement of your goals. This will lead to increase in your self-worth and confidence and will make you marketable.