Today I’m here to tell you my entire story. How did I ever stumble upon being an MBA professional?

Since I was a kid I always saw people near me being an engineer, doctor or a businessman but one thing that always strike into my mind was that how to do these individuals manage their professional lives. Be it any profession people come across different work-related stress, but the main thing is how they manage to cope up with it.

In this professional world around us factors that tend to go hand-in-hand with this type of stress can be related to the low salary of an employee, excessive workload, lack of social support and a few others on the list. Managing this stress is of prior most important for the growth and betterment of an individual because of a stressful work environment contributes to a variety of problems.

In this fast-growing professional world every individual talk about political environment, economic environment, and international environment but ignores the major factor that is the human resource of a company.

Internet these days also contributes to a stressful life, I wish to mention one such case of Ashley Madison a Canada based online dating website, wherein July 2015 created a horrifying situation for its subscribers, the subscribers of the website felt that their personal information will be out in the public and would ruin their reputations and relationships. The reason for them to think that way was all the members of the Ashley Madison received anonymous emails and letters, stating that their personal information would be leaked on public platforms. Along with that member of the dating website received a letter demanded approximately US$500 to be paid within three days, which lead to an alarming as well a panic situation among all. The attack that took place on the website was named as Phishing Attack. An attacker tricks the user to submit login details for websites that looks legitimate, but it redirects them to some malicious website hosted on an attacker web server. Through which an attacker steals the credential entered by the user and uses it to impersonate with the website hosted on the legitimate target server. The attacker then can perform unauthorized or malicious operations with the website’s target server.

Headache, stomach ache, sleeps disturbances, frequently getting angry and having difficulty concentrating are some effects of an Uncontrolled Stress. Contributing to these problems, people who experience excessive amount of stress often deal with it in different unhealthy ways such as eating unhealthy foods, overeating, smoking and frequent drinking. This kind of lifestyle of a person not only affects his or her professional life or health but also his personal life gets affected by this behavior. According to certain researches, it proves that the ratio of people who are stressed at work is getting higher day by day.

Human nature of trusting anybody is the basis of any social engineering attack and Ignorance about these kinds of social engineering attacks or phishing leaves an effect among the workforce which later makes the organization an easy target for any such sort of attack. Therefore to avoid these kind a situations establish some work-life boundaries for yourself is very important,  rules like not to check your email at night from home or not to answer your phone during dinner is must. We all need time to replenish and return to our pre-stress level for working to the best of your effeciencies and functioning to avoid the negative consequences of chronic stress and burnout. The process of recovery requires that you “turn off” from work by providing periods of time when you are not involved in job-related activities or thinking about work.