Anxious. Huffing. Running out of time. A standstill. Finally, at the door of his office. Again, another hectic day. The moment he entered his place, a cup of coffee was near him. He couldn’t realize who kept it there. It could be the peon whom he usually offers a` smile or it could be his bald grumpy friend `who keeps on complaining about his work. It doesn’t matter much; the coffee rather kept his morning going. It reminded him of all the times he used to enjoy a hot coffee at ease. The clock ticked by. He now goes to the cafeteria to have something. There was a pat on his shoulder. Turning back, he found his grumpy friend calling him over to share a bite from his lunchbox. He got reminded of his mother, how adorably she keeps on telling him to have his lunch on time. It is at 5 pm, a knock on his door lands him at his boss’s cabin. There was some mistake in the sales report and a commotion is going on. He is also a part of the mistake now. Ah, he sighed. This is tiresome. The matter was sorted, and he is back on his desk. Back to work. Flipping over the files he finds a piece of paper, on which it was written ‘don’t keep sulking. Doesn’t suit you!’. He smiled. He knew that the old man couldn’t be in the shoes of a strict boss for a long time. He is a kind man, reminding him of his father who never leaves a chance to be strict but nonetheless is a loving dad. Working for some time now he goes to his group, sharing a puff looking at the vehicles on the road. He got reminded of his college friends. It’s been a long time that he had last seen them, talked with them. This professional field really has him driven hard with a lot of work but there is a tinge of belongingness too.


The word ‘professional’ could have a different perspective on different people. It could mean wearing a well-suited tie with proper formals and shiny shoes, reflecting an aura of the businessman, or it could be wearing decent casual clothes but being weird in your workplace, only as long as you are the right kind of weird. It doesn’t only relate to this but to any other profession one could think of or the way  a person carries himself/herself. For me, this professional world gives us an insight of a homely place, having a wonderful work culture. The after-success party from that old boss of yours or one leave for an emergency from that young and inspiring boss of yours, just make your day at work. The kind of work I want in my life. The kind of culture I wish to get. The kind of professional role model I want to be for someone, for someone to look up to. This would feel so wonderful. This world enlightens it all for me.

There is so much more to it. The kind of satisfaction you get while achieving the targets of the day. The bonus you get while you did better than the rest is amazing right? It all makes sense, for all the times you were away from your family and friends, working on some project of yours, sitting on that rotating chair inside the four grey walls. Working all your life to get that position makes it up all. There are days when all the work takes a toll on you, you begin to question your existence. But then the homely feeling is all set to rejuvenate the fun and peace. The people working with you becomes a part of your life unknowingly and you begin to cherish them all.

The workplace is such that it winds up your whole time in there. When it comes to doing better than the competitors or achieving targets, it could get tough. The coffee machine gets tired making it up to you yet keeps it going. It might so happen that someday the boss happens to be your friend. But on making a mistake, it would be unbiased and handled professionally. The professional and personal world is not alike. Probably in the evening you could meet your boss for a cup of coffee and there won’t be any grudges. Even you would respect the relation with him. It is not that one has to be extraordinarily good at something. There is just a sense of responsibility added to it and you start to value your life. You need to be the person who you are, you need to accept the changes coming your way and learn to prepare yourself. It only takes a little bit of courage and confidence. Life is amazingly beautiful and so is this professional world, a second home…over a cup of coffee. Sometimes the sugar would be less, sometimes more and at other times perfect. But nonetheless it motivates us to move forward with its amazing aroma and taste.