Recently I wanted to eat at a good restaurant nearby so I searched for it online. I got a list of various cafes and restaurants which were close from my location. It became difficult for me to choose among them.  Then I naturally asked people which restaurant they preferred and whether or not they liked the quality, the ambience and the variety provided in the restaurant.

In these micro moments where the customers require information that is easy to digest, the marketer’s role comes into play. A micro moment is a moment on the mobile wherein the brand is able to provide quick information to the customers so that they can just act immediately. For example: Few years back it was difficult for the customers to order on Dominos website due to a hefty number of steps for placing an order. Realising this issue Dominos reworked on its website and now it takes few steps to place an order.

Today most people don’t have time to absorb every single ad showcased on online platform and on the same time many brands are fighting to capture audience’s attention. Ad blockers come to the rescue for the audience who wants to avoid getting irritated by such ads. To overcome this issue brands are using sponsored content method as it avoids the ad blocker as the message is integrated in the style of unpaid content and is therefore perceived as less annoying by the audience.

Chatbot is another method to grab the audience attention. The idea can be such that the customers are able to interact with the brand while watching the ad on any social media platform.

With the cut throat competition on online platform where every brand is trying to grab the attention of audience and convert them into its customers it has become important for the brand to use unconventional methods and measure everything that they do to make sure that their work is not in vain and at the same time they are making a profit.