Nowadays data privacy and protection has become an essential element for every organization. Employee information is one of the domain where data privacy remains a big concern for organizations. Human Resource employees need to ensure that the personal information of the applicants and staff members is kept secured in a proper law-abiding way.


With new technology coming up almost every day, the challenge of maintaining the organization’s data in a private way is getting hard and easy both at the same time. It is totally upon us how we can use technology at its best. If we look in the past we used to have paper records which were used to be in locked cabinets and now we have every data stored on our computer.

Every company started storing their files via computers. This has become the norms of the company. Companies are now investing in the technology and servers so that the data is being secured safely. Using such technology can help in securing the personal data of staff members, contractors, and applicants. You can also add people who can access the data and restrict the rest. HR can access the data wherever they want. More and more companies are using such technology and software capabilities that are migrating into the cloud and bringing new challenges for data protection.

For a HR personal, it is vital to have the rights for the cybersecurity procedure in place to protect the data otherwise there is a risk of breaking the data protection laws that can put the company at risk.


The very first threat is in the place where the cloud data lies. Most people think that the conspiracy behind the cyber-attack is being done by computer geniuses who are hiding somewhere and running complex and malicious programs.

The reality whereas differs from the myth. The real culprits behind such data breaches are in the staff members. It is often the work of an insider who has been planning to do so on purpose. The reason sometimes can be malicious intent and/or incompetence. Then there is a risk from the people you are firing and people who are leaving the company. In a survey, it was admitted that 70 % of the people who are fired will try to steal corporate data.


The bad data breach will cause damage. It can not only affect the customer base but will also drive our customers to the competitors. Apart from this, a fine can also be charged by the government in case of a data breach. Such fines can even stretch up to millions of dollars in the case of big companies.

A data breach is also bad for the people working in the company as it can undo months of hard work and can corrupt the data permanently.

Cybersecurity hence should be the top priority in HR. Well, some tools and tips can help to put up the things firmly on the right path. This can be done by providing Cyber Security education for staff, Using Encrypted Communication and Using a VPN that works by encrypting all the online traffic on a device.