Do you ever feel that it is facile for men to be promoted in an organization? Do you think that in our generation of millennials, there is still scope for inequality between men and women? Do you still perceive that in today’s world there is a need to change society’s mindset?

In my opinion, the situation is very simple and plain-sailing to understand.

People think that it is easy for boys to drive a car as compared to women. But God has given equal capabilities to both men and women. So where is the problem?

It’s only about the confidence one has on himself/herself. I have heard about some talented women racers like “Katherine Legge”, “Courtney Force” and many more who are even better drivers or racers than many men on this planet. But then, what restricts women to drive a car?

It’s her own self-confidence that restricts women to achieve their goals in life. By not believing in herself, she creates boundaries for herself and restricts herself in achieving better things in life. This is true for men in many cases as well. Isn’t it true for all of us?

In corporate life also, women restrict themselves from going out, facing the public, talking to people openly, display their opinion and all these things give men a ticket to off-show their talents and set themselves on higher positions.

It is very important to change the mindset of people and it will only happen if women start taking initiatives without any agitations or fear and stop restricting themselves to do a certain kind of a job.

How the glass ceiling is related to HRM?

The “glass ceiling” is the trending term used in human resource management. Earlier, this term was used as “Mommy track”.

Mommy’s track term was associated with the women because it was assumed that women are the child bearers and would take longer leaves for children and hence they were considered less motivated, less productive and less active than men.

Reports show that gender biasness is mostly found in tech-giants. Google has started taking some baby steps to overcome this situation.

What could be done?

  • Companies should focus on taking an equal number of men or women for their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • Roles and responsibilities should be given on the basis of merit and not on the basis of gender.
  • There should be regular audit for compensation and pay in the company. It means that listing all employees and seeing their pay package and then analyzing the gap that why a certain person is getting more or less.
  • There should be flexible working hours for everyone. Reports show that a person is more productive when he is given a choice of working on his own flexible timings and location. Hours should not matter but the output generated by an individual should matter.
  • Another thing a company should do is training and educating its staff about the benefits of gender diversity and learning how to communicate or display your opinion respectfully.

As an individual or society as a whole only we can change this if we are ready to change our mindset.

“Don’t aim to crack the glass ceiling, aim to destroy it”